The Bathroom Funnies: A Comic Strip For Sh*ts and Giggles

March 16, 2022

We’re not usually here to give you life advice, butt sometimes, you really are just one dump away from your dream job.

Keep scrolling to find out what happens after Dookie leaves the DuClaw Pooing Company, with art done by award-winning visual beer education cartoonist Em Sauter, founder of @pintsandpanels. 


Em’s latest book, “Hooray For Craft Beer!” is now available for pre-order! The book is being released April 25, 2022 from Brewers Publications. You can order a signed copy from the Pints & Panels or visit her website for other pre-order options.

Hooray For Craft Beer!: Told through wit and humor and 100% illustrations, Hooray for Craft Beer! is an entertaining and informative journey through the history and world of craft beer. Readers will explore every aspect of beer from the ingredients and brewing process to glassware and how to taste beer, as they embark on a whirlwind trip around the world to discover the origin of favorite beer styles. Hooray for Craft Beer! is a simple, easy-to-read guide to learning featuring delightful illustrations. Yes, craft beer can be whimsical as well as tasty!


Check out more of Em Sauter’s work on her website!