Give A Crap

February 9, 2022

Whether you’re reading this on the go, or as you go, we don’t need to know. All that matters is that you’re here, and that you clearly Give a Crap.  


This year, we put our heads (and butts) together with Squatty Potty and EZ Detect to doo some good for the Colon Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fighting colorectal cancer through awareness, prevention, screening, and research. 


To start giving a crap right now, you can text ‘poop’ to 512-920-5521 to donate any amount.  A little or a lot is recommended. 


Don’t understand what all the butt fuss is about? 

We’ve got you covered. Explore our Weekly Digest digital magazine below to learn more about screening, hear real stories from survivors and their families, and enjoy a few good laughs from your weekly asstrological reading to bathroom horror stories, and more throughout the month.

To keep giving a crap AND win cool prizes, head to our Instagram or Facebook page (and tag a friend in the picture shown below 👀) to enter in our giveaway, starting on Monday, March 7th and ending on March 31st. 



Enter, and you can be one of the 20 lucky folks to win…

  • A Squatty Potty to perfect your pooping stance.
  • DuClaw stickers and pins to make your friends jealous.
  • A set of EZ Detect tests, an FDA approved simple test from Biomerica that can detect blood in your stool. Share your results with your physician, and the extra tests with friends and family.


Without further a-doo, let’s dive into the Weekly Digest:

1. Know Your Sh*t: Getting to Know Your Butt 101

2. Asstrology Horoscopes: See What The Stars Are Saying This Week

3. Colon Cancer Foundation Champions: Stories of Strength

4. Crappy Giveaway Alert! Learn How You Can Win Sh*t

5. The Bathroom Funnies: A Comic Strip for Sh*ts & Giggles

6. Toilet Tales: Stories From Between the Bathroom Stalls