DuClaw’s Super Sweet Collaboration with Bottleshare

November 15, 2021


Bringing back a childhood staple for a good cause, DuClaw Brewing Company and Bottleshare, a craft beverage industry non-profit, are collaborating to release a Neapolitan ice cream-inspired stout. Boasting a 7.5% ABV, DuClaw is bringing this childhood treat straight to your grown-up taste buds. 

Staying true to the original tri-colored scoops, this creamy brew is stacked with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate aromas, brought together by a slightly sweet stout base and roasted grain flavors.


The sweetest part of this confectionery collaboration? One hundred percent of proceeds from 3 Scoops will go to Bottleshare.


Through donations, events, and collaborations like 3 Scoops, Bottleshare supports craft beer industry workers that are experiencing financial hardships outside of the workplace. The nonprofit distributes emergency funds for day-to-day living expenses, enabling fellow workers to pay their bills and put food on the table.

A collaboration of many, the strawberry purée for 3 Scoops was donated by Araza Natural Purées, and the cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, and vanilla bean were generously provided by Cocoa Supply.



DuClaw is the 5th brewery to release a collaboration brew with Bottleshare. 


“With this next step in our journey, the DuClaw family is providing us with the opportunity and platform to continue to not only raise funds, but just as importantly, continue to raise awareness. For this, we are extremely thankful,” said Bottleshare founder, Christopher Glenn.


Previous Bottleshare collaborations were with Urban South Brewery, Akademia Brewing Company, Dry County Brewing Company–Glenn’s home brewery, and Firemaker Brewing Company.

“Judging by the past year and a half, it’s safe to say that life will always throw you a curveball, but it’s important for us to uplift each other when the unexpected happens,” said Rachel Bradley, marketing manager for DuClaw, “Chris has figured out a way to do just that, which is why we’re proud to join forces on this release.”


The Story Behind Bottleshare

Bottleshare is a fundraising and fund distribution nonprofit organization for the craft beverage industry. The group raises money through various collaborations and partnerships within the community, as well as through the generous support of donors and sponsors. Bottleshare then grants emergency financial assistance to brewery, winery, and distillery businesses and workers who have experienced extreme hardships such as injury, illness, or disaster.

The inspiration for Bottleshare came from Glenn’s personal journey to recovery following an accident several years ago.

On January 6th of 2018, Glenn was struck by a drunk driver on his way home from closing up the tasting room at Dry County Brewing Company in Kennesaw, Georgia. After exiting the interstate, Glenn was hit by a vehicle traveling over 60 miles an hour. First responders were shocked when Glenn walked away from the collision seemingly unscathed. However, in the days following the accident, the severity of Glenn’s injuries were revealed.

The impact from the crash caused Glenn to suffer a traumatic brain injury resulting in atrophy of the brain and extensive brain damage. The effects of Glenn’s injury included memory loss and extreme difficulty with speaking and communicating. He also experienced severe tremors that made it challenging to walk and drive.



In response, the Dry County Brewing Company partnered with Lyft to offer free trips for Glenn, and promotion discounts to customers. Chris acknowledged his incredible family and support system that stepped in to help after the accident so that he could focus strictly on his recovery. These acts of kindness inspired Glenn to help more industry workers, and ultimately launch Bottleshare.  


Three years later, Chris is still working towards his own recovery, however, he now finds healing in helping others through Bottleshare.


Brewing Hope  

“When I first learned we would be collaborating with DuClaw, I was absolutely stoked out of my mind,” said Christopher Glenn, founder of Bottleshare. “As a young non-profit organization, we seek to connect with those in our industry who share our similar values such as community, camaraderie, love, and support for one another. DuClaw checks all the boxes and we couldn’t be more humbled and grateful.”

Back in October, Glenn made a trip to Baltimore to meet the DuClaw team and begin brewing  3 Scoops. Glenn assisted with milling the grains and began the mashing process for the collaboration brew. While he was at the brewery, Glenn also hosted a Facebook live chat with Rachel to talk about this latest collaboration and discuss other exciting brew news for Bottleshare and DuClaw.


View Chris and Rachel’s Facebook live conversation here.


The nostalgic Neapolitan stout is hitting shelves now. “Every time we create a beer that’s a traditional nod to the simple pleasures in life, like ice cream, it tends to bring comfort to our consumers,” Rachel shared, “And with this partnership, that comfort will extend to our craft beer community members in need, which is a great feeling.”


3 Scoops is a very limited release and can be found on store shelves in MD, PA, VA, NJ, OH, SC, NY, GA, AL, TN, MA, and CO. Check out our Beer Finder to locate some 3 Scoops near you!