We Won A Crushie!

June 2, 2022

Photo of "Give a Crap" beer can with the craft beer marketing award behind. Can is white with text "Give A" and a smiling rainbow poop emoji below. Craft Beer Marketing award is a platinum trophy of a hand directed upwards and crushing a beer can in the fist. The background is golden yellow with shiny rainbow confetti around the award and beer can.

Crushing it!

We’re excited to share that we recently won a PLATINUM Crushie at the Craft Beer Marketing Awards for “Best Original Video – Cause Related”

The Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS) recognize excellence in marketing for the brewing industry, featuring categories that celebrate all aspects of beer–related marketing. 

The award-winning video was from our 2021 Give A Crap Challenge. For this campaign, we partnered with Squatty Potty and the Colon Cancer Foundation to launch a “Poop for Beer” initiative that spread awareness about the importance of colorectal cancer screening. 

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in America, but it is highly treatable when caught early. The issue: many people don’t discover they have colon cancer until it is too late. 

You see, most people aren’t considered at-risk for colorectal cancer until they’re 45. However, incidences of the disease are trending younger.

Millennials ages 20-29 is the segment experiencing the highest growth rate of colorectal cancer cases, with 30-49 on the rise. Consequently, 75 million Americans should be getting regularly tested for colon cancer. Butt many are not getting screened–and probably don’t even know that they should be.

So how do you spread the word about colorectal cancer and convince people to get tested? We decided we needed to do some crazy sh*t.


Circling back to the “Poop for Beer” thing…

We said we were gonna do crazy sh*t, so how about trading your poo sample for a brew sample? That was the premise of our 2021 Give A Crap campaign, featured in the Crushie award-winning video.

It all began with a limited edition version of our Sour Me Unicorn Farts beer. This special release could only be acquired by completing an at-home colorectal cancer screening. Brewed with graham crackers, the beer was a glittered sour ale called “Thanks For Giving A Crap.”


How It Worked

We created the Give A Crap Challenge website where people could enter for a chance to win the exclusive beer. Then, we randomly selected one hundred fans to receive an Everlywell FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test. This simple, non-invasive test screens for trace amounts of blood in your stool and sends the results to your device. After completing the cancer screening, we sent winners a Squatty Potty and CraftShack gift card to unlock the special ‘Thanks For Giving A Crap’ beer.

We also created a “poop-hole loophole” so those who weren’t selected still had a chance to get their hands on the exclusive brew. With this loophole, fans could get the ‘Thanks For Giving A Crap’ beer for an $85 donation to fight colon cancer. In addition to the glittery beer, fans who donated received an at-home Everlywell colorectal cancer screening kit and Squatty Potty toilet stool.

Using great beer and countless poop jokes, the 2021 Give A Crap Challenge raised over $21,000 for the Colon Cancer Foundation. 


The Crushie Award-Winning Content

Squatty Potty Creative Director, Carson Stilson, produced a series of short videos to launch the Give A Crap Challenge. Each video features Squatty Potty’s rainbow ice cream-pooping unicorn, ‘Dookie,’ as an employee at DuClaw. Dookie turned out to be the perfect spokes-unicorn for this Unicorn Farts variant and our “poop for beer” promotion. 

Check out the award-winning video and click here to see all of the 2022 category winners! 


Thank You All for Giving A Crap With Us!

So please join us in raising a glass to honor the many people who made the Give a Crap campaign (& this Crushie award) possible!

Image of Crushie trophy for beer marketing award: a fist crushing a beer can, laid flat on a white background with rainbow confetti. Trophy has various "Give A Crap" themed stickers stuck to it.

Corey Lane, Frank Gilliam, Chris Fullman, Brian Burton, Aaron Dotson, & Elevation Advertising Agency

Madeline Caldwell, Erica Mechlinski, Marla Clendenin, & 212 Communications

Cindy Borassi & Colon Cancer Foundation

Carson Stilson & Squatty Potty


Robert Diaz & Social Endurance

CraftShack Marketplace & Platform

Rachel Bradley, Tyler McCoy, Sarah Raymond, & DuClaw Brewing Co.

…and anyone else we may have forgotten!