Make A Unicorn Farts Beer Can Candle

June 9, 2022

Image of the DIY Sour Me Unicorn Farts beer can candle. Can is against a pink background with fruity cereal spread around. A white unicorn is peeking out from the left corner.Make A Unicorn Farts beer can CANdle!

Love the taste of our Sour Me Unicorn Farts? Well now your home can smell just like the magical, fruity goodness of our famous Unicorn Farts with a DIY soy candle.

We’ve got a fun and fruity craft beer craft so you can give your Sour Me Unicorn Farts beer cans new life (and make your home smell delicious, too!)

We’ve also included some ideas if you want to give your candle a little special somethin’ with glitter, fruity cereal, or liquid dyes.


Materials needed:

a can of Sour Me Unicorn Farts

a can opener

candle-making soy wax flakes

6” candle wick

a wick holder OR a pair of chopsticks/pencils

your choice of candle fragrance (optional) We used this one that smells like fruity cereal!

a medium saucepan and glass bowl (or a double boiler, if you have one)

a spatula or wooden spoon

a ladle

a thermometer


We purchased this candle making kit from Amazon that includes the soy wax flakes, wicks, and a wick holder.


Other Optional Add-Ins:

fruity cereal

mineral-based, edible glitter

dye blocks or liquid dye

Image of Unicorn Farts beer can candle with ingredients surrounding it: can opener, soy wax flakes, wick holder, fruity pebbles fragrance oil, and fruity cereal pieces.


Step one: (And the most crucial step, we might add.) Drink a can of Sour Me Unicorn Farts


Finished your beer? Perfect. You are now ready to move on to step two. 


Step two: Remove the top of the beer can with a can opener. Wash the inside of the can and allow to dry completely. Be careful of sharp edges when removing the top of the can. Also be cautious when using the can opener to not apply too much pressure or grip the can too tightly, which will cause it to bend or deform. Once removed, put top of can in a recycling bin/out of reach of children

Step three: Time to melt! Pour the soy wax flakes into a glass bowl, double boiler, or directly into your saucepan. For reference, we melted 1 pound of the wax flakes from the candle making kit linked above. To measure the quantity needed for your candle, we recommend pouring unmelted wax flakes into your beer can first. This will provide an approximation of how much will be needed to melt and fill your candle.


More on wax melting options here! We melted our wax directly in a saucepan, however, a double boiler or DIY version are recommended methods.


Step four: Put the wax flakes on the stovetop at medium heat, stirring occasionally with a spatula or wooden spoon as they melt. Continue to heat and stir until the wax flakes have melted completely. Note: ensure the wax does not exceed 175º F

Step five: Remove the wax from heat and cool for 5-10 minutes. If you have a thermometer to check, the ideal temperature  is 130-140º for adding fragrance to your candle (if you choose to do so), but more on that in a second…

Step six: While waiting for the wax to cool, secure a wick to the bottom of your Unicorn Farts can. There are several methods to do this. We dipped the metal tab of our wick into the melted wax and the placed it in the center of the bottom of our can. If preferred, you can also use a dot of hot glue or specially designed wick stickers to ensure the wick is extra secure.

Step seven: Okay, NOW it is time to make your candle smell like fruity Unicorn Fart-y goodness. When the candle wax has melted and cooled to 130-140º F, you may add the fragrance oil of your choosing. Reference the instructions on your wax packaging and/or bottle of fragrance oil to know how much fragrance to add.


We used this natural Fruity Pebbles Type Flavor Oil from Eternal Essence Oils.


Step eight: Fill the Unicorn Farts can with hot water (from the tap is fine) to preheat the can so the wax doesn’t immediately harden upon contact with the metal. Allow this to sit for several minutes to warm the aluminum can. When the can has warmed, dump the hot water and dry the inside of the can before adding melted wax.

Pour or ladle the wax into your Unicorn Farts beer candle, avoiding the wick if possible. Be aware that the can will become warm as you pour the melted wax into it. We recommend wearing an oven mitt or using a dish towel to hold the can while pouring the wax.


Want some PIZZAZ?

If you’d like to add a little special somethin’ to your Unicorn Farts candle, sprinkle some fruity cereal or mineral-based, edible glitter onto the top of the wax before it hardens. Do your best to make sure none of the add-ins come in contact with the candle wick.

Step nine: Now is the time to add a sprinkle of glitter or fruity cereal if you would like. Sprinkle a small pinch of glitter (a little goes a long way, trust us) and/or fruity cereal onto the top of the melted wax.

Step ten: After pouring and adding any optional ingredients, secure the wick with the included wick holder (if you purchased this kit). This will ensure the wick stays centered while the wax hardens and allow for an even burn when your candle is complete. If you do not have a wick holder, sandwich the wick between two pencils or chopsticks and allow them to rest on top of the can.

Wait 12-24 hours for the wax to set up completely before moving or handling the candle.


Resist the urge to ~accelerate~ the cooling process by placing your candle in the fridge or freezer. (We know, patience is HARD) However, this can cause the wax to set unevenly resulting in ‘wet spots’ that will cause your candle to burn unevenly and/or not adhere properly to the sides of the can. 


Step eleven: Last but not least, trim the wick! Your candle wick should be less than a half inch tall. If your candle flickers when lit or has a tall flame, extinguish your candle and trim the wick to be a little shorter. Ta da! Your DIY Unicorn Farts soy candle is complete. 


Wax Melting Methods

Ok, we must confess… we melted our wax directly in a saucepan. This is not the recommended method from ~candle making professionals~ but we did not experience any complications. The best method, according to said ~candle making professionals~ is a double boiler (if you have one, but let’s be honest, who does?) so we’ve provided handy dandy DIY Double Boiler instructions below. 

BUT if you’re lazy like us, we’ve also provided microwave instructions OR you can melt your wax directly in a saucepan like we did, ’cause after all, rules be damned 🙂 

If you’re dumping your wax directly into a saucepan like we did, still be sure stir the wax flakes and monitor the temperature as they melt. Ensure the wax does not exceed 175º F, and when it has fully melted, remove from heat and allow the wax to cool to 150º F before adding in any fragrance oils. Take a look at the stovetop and microwave directions below and you can choose your preferred wax melting method!


DIY Double Boiler –  

  • Fill a large saucepan halfway with water and place it on the stove
  • Place your wax in a smaller glass bowl
  • Put the glass bowl in/overtop the larger pan of water and begin to melt the wax at medium heat, stirring occasionally
  • Using a thermometer, monitor the temperature of the wax as it melts. Ensure the wax does not exceed 175º F
  • When the wax has fully melted, remove from heat and allow it to cool to 150º F
  • Add in your chosen fragrance (if desired) and gently stir for at least 1 minute
    • *reference your fragrance bottle for how much to add
    • make sure you have removed the wax heat before adding fragrance because otherwise, the scent may evaporate from the wax
  • The wax is now ready to be poured into your Unicorn Farts can


If you’re not feelin’ the stovetop, the microwave is another wax melting option. 

  • Pour your wax into a microwave safe container (we recommend a glass bowl)
  • Place the bowl of wax in the microwave and heat for 1 minute at a time, monitoring the temperature with a thermometer. Do not let the wax exceed 175º F
  • Continue heating the wax in 1-minute intervals until it is completely melted
  • When fully melted, remove the bowl of wax from the microwave and allow to cool to 150º before adding your fragrance oil
  • Stir the wax for at least 1 minute to ensure the fragrance is evenly blended
  • The wax is now ready to be poured into your Unicorn Farts can


*With all wax melting options, keep a careful watch on the wax and do not walk away from your stovetop or microwave. 


Something Fun to Try:

Itching to make another candle? Try making one in a pint glass, teku glass, or other clear glassware like this one:

If you choose to put some fruity cereal or glitter in a glassware candle for some added ~interest~ in your candle, here’s how to do so:

  • Ladle a small amount of melted wax into your chosen glassware. 
  • Gently swill/rotate the glass so that the melted wax coats the sides, cooling slightly to become tacky. Continuing to rotate the glass, sprinkle glitter and/or fruity cereal so that it adheres to the wax on the sides of your glass.
  • Allow the wax and cereal coating to cool and harden for at least 10 minutes before adding more wax.
  • Sprinkle more glitter (just a pinch!) and/or fruity cereal on the top of your candle, avoiding the wick.


Health & Safety Disclaimers:

  • When making the candles, the DuClaw team wore protective eyewear in case of any wax splatter. We advise any crafty craft beer lovers embarking on this candle-making journey to do the same.
  • When pouring the melted wax into the can, be careful holding/touching the can, as the metal will become hot as well. We recommend using oven mitts or a dish towel to help stabilize the can as you add the melted wax. 
  • When a candle burns, it releases various vapors and particles into the air you breathe. However, research has shown that with typical use, the vapors and particles released by burning candles are at levels far below what can be harmful to your health. Nevertheless, we suggest using high quality ingredients, such as natural soy wax, natural & beauty-safe fragrance oils, as well as food- safe add-ins (i.e. edible glitter or fruity cereal) if you choose.
  • Do not burn your candle for more than 3-4 hours. After burning for 3-4 hours, your wick will need to be trimmed. Continuing to burn your candle for longer than 3-4 hours can result in smoke, soot, and mushrooming at the end of the wick that can throw sparks or cause the flame to get too big. 
  • Because your Unicorn Farts candle was made in an aluminum can, be careful that the metal will become hot while burning the candle. Avoid touching/moving your candle while burning and keep out of reach of children. 

A Special Shoutout

We need to take a moment to recognize the incredible Candles by Lumiere. We discovered his awesome craft beer candles on Instagram and they served as part of our inspiration for this craft beer craft.Definitely check out what he does on Instagram. And if you’re in Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA…see if you can get your hands on his amazing candles!