DuClaw raises +$20,000 to fight colon cancer with glitter beer

July 10, 2021

In 2021, DuClaw Brewing Company came together with Squatty Potty and the Colon Cancer Foundation to offer a 6-pack of glittery beer, an at-home Everlywell colorectal cancer screening for you or a loved one 45+, and the original Squatty Potty toilet stool for an $85 contribution to fight colon cancer.

Duclaw Brewing: DuClaw raises +$20,000 to fight colon cancer with glitter beer

Our hometown Baltimore Oriole, Trey Mancini, 29, is a powerful illustration of the younger trend for the disease. He took the field in the 2021 season after fighting colon cancer for the past year.

With zero media spend and a focus on earned media, the campaign raised $21,923 to fight the disease, provide tests to underserved communities (part of CCF’s effort to provide 10,000 tests to those in need in 2021), and powerfully connect with a new, younger demographic as incidences trend younger: 20-29 is the fastest growing segment of those diagnosed with the disease, and 30-49 is on the rise. And the black community is affected with 20% higher incidence rates and 40% higher death rates, a number that likely will climb as a result of low testing rates during COVID-19 pandemic.

The official website for the campaign was: www.giveacrapchallenge.com, and marketing included a series of short, humorous videos produced by Squatty Potty and featuring the brand’s famous rainbow ice cream-scooping unicorn, ‘Dookie,’ as an employee at DuClaw Brewing Company, getting into all sorts of trouble.

[Squatty Potty is notorious for the 2015 viral video featuring the Prince of Poop and Dookie educating people on the benefits of squatting to eliminate more effectively.]

Additionally, with the support of celebrities and influencers, the campaign activated a social #GiveACrapChallenge on TikTok and other platforms, where participants asked parents or loved ones, “when was the last time you pooped?” as a way to encourage “the talk” about getting tested because they “give a crap” about them. Participants could also donate any about by texting CRAP to 512-920-5521. For every $35 contribution, one Everlywell colorectal cancer screening was donated to someone in need.

TikTok examples:


We’re offering free🍺 to those willing to share their 💩 to encourage colorectal cancer testing! Go to www.giveacrapchallenge.com #giveacrapchallenge

♬ PYB – Mark MK


The campaign also featured the online beverage partner Craft Shack, and Diablo Doughnuts, the original collaborator on DuClaw’s Sour Me Unicorn Farts beer. (This beer was a variant of this.)